Safety pays!

The Comp Alliance is pleased to announce its Safe Workplace Awards for its June and July 2020-21 membership period.  More than $500,000 will be distributed to 110 members who qualified by minimizing their loss experience throughout the year. As we conclude the second year of the Safe Workplace Award program, we are honored to have distributed more than $2.3 million to more than 500 municipal and school recipients. 

As the Comp Alliance builds on its foundation of predictable rates and financial stability, we have been able to give back to our members.  The Safe Workplace Award provides a monetary award to members who meet specific loss experience criteria during their membership period, while incentivizing all members to improve workplace conditions and minimize workplace injuries.  Together with our Loyalty Award program, every member of the Comp Alliance shares in our success as we continue to improve safety for municipal and school employees throughout New York State.    

The mission of the Comp Alliance has always been to ensure our members are able to meet their long-term workers’ compensation liabilities while maintaining stable funding contributions, which has been made possible through the dedication of our trustees, and partnership with the Association of Towns of the State of New York and the New York State Conference of Mayors. The Comp Alliance has more than 325 members, $44 million in annual funding contributions and surplus of more than $66 million.

The Loyalty Award and Safe Workplace Award programs are not guaranteed.  The Comp Alliance Board of Trustees evaluates these programs annually to determine continuation and eligibility.  For more information on the Member Safe Workplace Award Program, please contact a Comp Alliance Marketing Manager or your insurance broker.

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