Use of restraint policies need to be implemented and training on the appropriate measure of force should be the standard.  Below are some techniques that can be used in conjunction with training on evaluating the appropriate force/restraint needed for each situation.  Reference the Use of Force continuum on such circumstances to assist in determining the level of force which may be necessary to keep the officers and public safe.

According to Dr. Michael Schlosser, Ph.D., the director of the University of Illinois Police Training Institute, and the Institute's lead control and arrest tactics instructor, officers should never have just one "go-to" control tactic, whether it's a hold, takedown, or another tactic. Match each tactic with a secondary, complementary move that works with the arrestee's resistance.

Every takedown, control hold, or defensive tactic has a defense or counter. Learn these defenses and have available a secondary counter-tactic. If a training partner defends the initial tactic, study and identify the counter-move and learn a counter-tactic. This does not have to be complicated, and it is essential that you discover a secondary tactic. You must then train in your "go-to" tactics and in the counter-tactics.

The Sankyo Technique – Empty Hand Control - Sankyo is an Aikido technique that is extremely effective and applicable for controlling resistant subjects. However, it requires a deep commitment to training in the technique before attempting to overcome resistance on the street.

Arm Hold Takedowns - the officer, while remaining close to the arrestee, pivots behind the arrestee (putting the arrestee off-balance) The officer pulls on the wrist, keeping the arrestee's arm near his or her body while using rotation and direction to gain control.

Gooseneck & Cow Paw - Gooseneck (hyperflexion) and Cow Paw (hyperextension) techniques can cause pain compliance. As with the Gooseneck, if the arrestee complies, you should maintain strong control of the arrestee in this position while releasing some tension on the wrist.

Remote Restraint - Thought of as “remote handcuffs”, the BolaWrap® remote restraint device is a patented, hand-held pre-escalation apprehension tool for police that discharges a Kevlar® cord to restrain noncompliant individuals or persons in crisis from a distance.

All of the above techniques require policy adoption and officer training until they are understood completely.  The use of mechanical devices such as tasers work well to apprehend a combative suspect.  It is most important to equip your officers with the mental, physical and mechanical means to protect themselves when on patrol. 

Additional police safety information is available on the Comp Alliance website:

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